Persona template: create a persona reference guide for your team.

Align with customer priorities – use our template to generate and share beautiful user personas and empathy maps online.

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Get smart about the
differences between user segments

Create an online guidebook of personas to help your team balance the needs and priorities of different target audiences.

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A flexible persona template

We've always held that personas should be less about about pretty design, and more about connecting with your users.

That's why we're excited to have retained our focus on simplicity while adding persona template features that Userforge customers have been requesting for years!

Flexible content sections

adjustable element width
drag-and-drop to move
Emoji picker for visual accent
New charts + multi-image options

Duplicate your personas

No need to re-create your section configuration each time.

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Research notes screen example

Record research notes
alongside persona data.

Effective personas are data-driven. Document and share the research sources that informed each target audience attribute.

Linked to content

Generate confidence

Role-play scenarios with online empathy maps

Once you've started to see who your customers or stakeholders are, imagine (and document from research) what they think, feel, say or do when they encounter relevant scenarios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account to try it out?

No account needed! Right now it's both instant and free (with temporary data stored on your computer), but you can purchase a cloud plan to save and share your persona research guide.

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Are there more content types planned?

Yes. Please let us know what visual persona attributes you'd like to see. At the top of our list right now are different chart visualizations + sliders.

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What's next for

Our focus is on features, examples, and partnerships. Get in touch if you're an illustrator, photographer, or UX research expert / student and want to explore partnering to create content or example guides.

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